Sponsors and Partnerships

Canadian Hearing Society
Societe Candienne de L'Ouie

In January of 2012, DCM Inc. partnered with the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) to provide a service of making communication devices more available to the Deaf Community. Consumers can come into DRC to view the devices on display, browse through product catalogs, and order CHS products. Some products are:
  • Alerting Systems
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Personal Amplification Systems
  • Assistive Listening Devices and Accessories
  • Teletypewriters (TTYs) and Accessories
  • Alarm Clocks & Watches
Note: These products are available online!

Community Connections

Community Connections facilitates Internet access to the Deaf Community and other Manitobans. We have over 500 members. There are 4 public computers that the Deaf Community uses.

  • 285 Pembina Inc.
  • E-Quality Communication Centre of Excellence
  • The Canadian Hearing Society
  • Manitoba Deaf Association
  • Manitoba Family Services
  • Manitoba Telephone System
  • Families Forward
  • Winnipeg Church of the Deaf
  • The Winnipeg Foundation
  • Bruce Jack
  • Estate of Mary Perkins
We all thank you for your support!