Manitoba Deaf Association


The Members shall work together pursuant to this By-Laws to ensure a better future for Deaf Manitobans. 


The Association shall serve:

a)    To promote and develop social, political, educational, cultural, recreational and sports activities for Deaf persons of the Province of Manitoba.

b)    To act in an advocacy and advisory capacity and assist affiliated organizations of the Deaf.

c)    To promote generally the well being of Deaf persons as well as contemporary values, beliefs and attitudes about how the Association should function.

d)    To inform and educate the public concerning the challenges, abilities and needs of Deaf persons.

e)    To work with authorities and government bodies to obtain those rights and privileges for Deaf persons that the Association determines it’s desirable to obtain.

f)     Act as the Manitoba representative for all matters relating to a national Deaf organization in Canada.

g)    Act as a not for profit company pursuant to these By-Laws and the rules and regulations of the Corporations Act (Manitoba).

h)    To the extent required to take all such steps as are required by Canada Revenue Agency as to become a not for profit company with charitable status.  




Re: Notice of MDA Annual General Meeting Postponement

Dear Members,

The Manitoba Government has publicly mandated that this situation is now at orange zone In Winnipeg and its surroundings and that people protect us against the Covid-19 pandemic by practicing good social distancing and not meeting in groups of more than 10 persons

The MDA Board members discussed recently, and they agreed to postpone this MDA Annual General Meeting to next year (January 2021 or later date) due to this unexpected situation of orange zone at present time.

Please advice us that you prefer one of the options; face to face meeting or that members are communicated and entered in kind of meeting by internet software program to an AGM (e.g. Zoom, Skype, etc.).

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in the long length of time due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Best regards,

Doug Momotiuk, President



[ASL Signer: Shawna Joynt]

             Manitoba Deaf Association Inc.

                      285 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 2E1


Date: September 21, 2020

MDA Report during the times of Covid-19 pandemic.

The MDA Board has kept watching to make sure on the accessibility of ASL interpreters at the Province of Manitoba and City of Winnipeg’s public emergency presentations. On the behalf of MDA Board, the MDA President wrote the letters/memos to keep up providing ASL interpreters at public emergency presentations to Province of Manitoba and City of Winnipeg’s offices last March.

The MDA Board reached out to support Jocelyn Johnson, Evan Husack, Nicole Revoy and Trica Amaro who helped out to provide the posts of Manitoba Deaf Emergency Response Group on Facebook. We have appreciated of their effort and times.

The MDA sent our signature’s support to the group of 66 disability organizations across Canada for advocating Federal financial support to people with disabilities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The MDA Board had discussions with DCM, Inc Board that Deaf people and immigrant who live in Manitoba need to have the actions of ASL videos on governments’ announcements and emergency presentations for their fully understandings on the situations.

The MDA Building Advisory Committee/Board wrote the letter to 285 Pembina Inc management for submitting the concerns for DCM’s Deaf tenants’ residence and health safeties.

On the behalf of MDA Board, the MDA President wrote the letter concerning the Premier of Manitoba’s public presentations on the issues of Covid-19 pandemic and announcements without Sign language interpreters on TV and online videos and requested strongly to have ASL interpreters at the stands beside the Premier’s future emergency presentations.

The MDA Board had the discussion on the concerns about lack of sign language (ASL) interpretation on CBC, CKY and Global news briefings. In the past times, both City of Winnipeg and Government have provided the ASL interprets and the news briefings were cutting these views with the ASL interpreters out. The MDA President has written the letters to CBC, CKY and Global to remedy these concerns and oversights immediately.



Attention MDA members-- you can sign up your children for this party. The deadline is by Thursday, November 23rd:)


Manitoba Deaf Association’s News Report – Summer/Autumn 2017

The MDA had Board meeting on May 23, 2017. Mike Prince became new MDA Director.

Doug Momotiuk reported that he attended the meeting of Manitoba Elections Forum as representative and he gave the feedback at provincial election and accessibility as well as other disabled organizations gave their feedback.

Kenneth Anderson, Mike Prince and Charlene Arnold had meeting with the Fire Commissioner of City of Winnipeg Fire Preventable Office on June 16, 2017 and it was productive and awareness around Deaf people to recognize flash strobes.

The MDA donated the Winnipeg Division’s fund to purchase the LCD projector for the usage of Deaf Centre Manitoba’s activities and bookings.

The MDA had the successful host of Canadian Association of the Deaf’s 2017 Annual General Meeting that was held at Delta Hotel in Winnipeg downtown on July 14 and 15, 2017.
There were three following workshops detailed below:
1 - Navigating through CRTC Policies & Procedures – Wireless Plans for Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing, Text with 911 and the Wireless Code;
2 - Captioning of Live Programming: New Challenges & New Realities;
3 – Strengthening Human Rights for Deaf People in Canada – United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Federal Accessibility Legislation & Recognition of Canada’s National Sign Languages (ASL and LSQ).
There was the Tour of Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Canada 150th Celebration Reception at Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Forks Market on July 15, 2017.  
There were the delegates, Sheila Montney and Charlene Arnold from Manitoba. Several Manitobans attended the workshops and AGM as observers.

Mike Prince had the research on sign languages of Indians and Metis.

The MDA hosted the International Week of the Deaf (IWD) on September 16 to 23, 2017.
Sept 16 – The Canada Deaf Games – Winnipeg Host Committee hosted Pizza, Pasta and Salad Buffet.
Sept 17 – Tri-Deaf Churches (Calvary Temple Deaf Fellowship, Manitoba Catholic Church of the Deaf and Winnipeg Church of the Deaf) hold the workshop service.
Sept 18 – MDA presented two workshops, Accessibility for Manitobans Act & Federal Accessibility Legislation and Usage of Sign Languages on Indians and Metis.
Sept 19 – MDA gave the workshop on Flash Strobes that would be set up in public facilities for Deaf people’s awareness during any emergency and disaster.
Sept 20 – DCM gave the workshop for any person who want to learn how to use those apps (social media); Twitter, Facebook & website with cellphones or computer.
Sept 22 – MDA host the Canadian Association of the Deaf and World Federation of the Deaf’s celebration of Sign Language Rights with the cake and refreshment.
Sept 23 – Volleyball Tournament was held at Manitoba School for the Deaf.
Thanks to Sheila Montney of DCM, Inc for her effort to provide the information of IWD events at the social media and bulletin board.

Doug Momotiuk, MDA President


Manitoba Deaf Association’s Building Advisory Committee

The MDA Board had the meeting on October 17, 2017 and agreed to have MDA’s Building Advisory Committee that would be back in action again. The role of his Committee is to promote on the quality and improvements of services and programs  for Deaf tenants, Deaf Community and Deaf Organizations in the building of 285 Pembina Inc.

If you are interested to be on this committee, please contact Doug Momotiuk, MDA President, at Thanks



Manitoba Deaf Association Board 2017-2018:

President- Doug Momotiuk
Vice President- Vacancy
Secretary/Treasurer- Kenneth Anderson
Winnipeg Director- Charlene Arnold
Director at Large- Mike Prince


Friendly reminder
Con'td of Manitoba Deaf Association (MDA)
Annual General Meeting

Manitoba Deaf Association (MDA) Newly Board will host the continued Annual General Meeting on this coming Saturday, May 7th at DCM Affleck Room from 1:30 to 2:30 pm with new Business & review committees list only.

Sheila Montney

Manitoba Deaf Association (MDA) Board

ASL Vlog-



New Manitoba Deaf Board for 2016-2017:

President- Sheila Montney
Vice President-Jordan Sangalang
Secretary-Sherry Clark
Treasurer-Doug Momotiuk
Winnipeg Director-Charlene Arnold
Rural Director- Doug Cosens

Thank you to Gunars Butkans (ex-President) and Tricia Amaro (ex-Secretary) for their time during 2015-2016. Congratulation to the new Board members!

New Board would like to say THANK YOU to MDA Members for their support toward them and will look forward to make sure MDA a strong organization for you:)

Sheila Montney
Manitoba Deaf Association


MDA President announced that there will have Annual General Meeting on April 16th, 2016. For more details, it will be announced soon. Thanks!





Hello Deaf Community,

Manitoba Driver’s Licence may include Manitoba Health information.

We need your feedback on the proposed all-in-one Personal Identification Card. Please click on “view article”.

Gunars Butkans
MDA President

Manitobans are invited to share their views on a proposed all-in-one Personal Identification Card (PIC) that would combine a person’s driver’s licence, photo ID, health and travel card.

View article...



Manitoba Deaf Association Board would like to share this link with you.

OTTAWA - Deaf and hard-of-hearing Canadians fear their needs as voting citizens might be lost in the shuffle in the coming election campaign as the federal parties squabble over the formats and hosts of the leaders debates.

Gunars Butkans
MDA President

Manitoba Deaf Association
Election Result 2015-16 are:

President- Gunars Butkans

Vice President- Cynthia Duboff


Treasurer- Doug Momotiuk

Winnipeg Director-Charlene Arnold

Rural Director-vacant

Youth Director-vacant

Hello MDA Members and Friends and Family,

MDA would serve and value better to Deaf Community. We would need more volunteers for events and parties. 

Firstly, Winnipeg Director may plan to have some events, Children’s Christmas party and Christmas Dinner as we need more volunteers.

Have a good summer

Gunars Butkans
MDA President



To Members and Non-Members of Manitoba Deaf Association (MDA) and friends:
This is to inform you that this is my last report as President. 

Manitoba Deaf Association had their AGM meeting on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015, which ran from 10 am till 4:45 pm. There were two workshops throughout the morning and was held on stage of the auditorium. 

The first workshop was from 10 am to 10:45 am. Kenneth Anderson introduced the idea of setting up one big organization where smaller groups can use as support.  He suggested the name of the organization to be called either “Coalition of Deaf Manitoba Organization” or “Organization of Deaf Manitobans”.  The members voted to name the organization as “Manitoba Deaf Coalition”. There were a lot of good feedback and suggestions over the name of the organization. 

The five areas discussed were:
1. To see that the new major organization is created with a goal to have one strong group of Deaf members and to show the Provincial government that there is a strong group. By having all Manitoba Deaf members from all organizations registered under the new group called “Manitoba Deaf Coalition” would prove to the Provincial government that there are hundreds of Deaf members living in Manitoba.

2.  To see the goal of getting a Charitable Number for “Manitoba Deaf Coalition” from the Provincial government.  The new organization in turn can help other smaller Deaf organizations apply for assistance.  

3.  To see all existing Deaf organizations remain the same with their same Board of Directors.  There will be no change in the running of their organizations. 

4. To provide better communication between existing Deaf organizations, “Manitoba Deaf Coalition” will only handle the scheduling such as meetings or social events for all organizations.

5. To explain to Deaf Members about fee memberships.  Members are entitled to attend any meeting if they provide their names are on the “Manitoba Deaf Coalition” list. Members will not be asked to pay a fee to Manitoba Deaf Coalition, only to the organization of their choice.  Members can attend other organization for the meeting but would not have the right to vote unless members have paid their fees to that organization.  

A meeting to discuss the strategy of the “Manitoba Deaf Coalition” will be scheduled soon and a reminder for every Deaf organization to attend this important meeting. 

The second workshop, from 11 to 11:45 am, discussed about whether MDA or WAD will work together or to be individual organizations.  This item was put on hold because it was discussed before the meeting.
Election took placed in the afternoon and congratulations to the new Board of Directors under the newly elected President Gunars Butkans.

To avoid conflict of interest, Kenneth Anderson have stepped down as President for MDA in order to concentrate his time with the Canadian Association of the Deaf this coming July 3-4 general meeting and elections in Halifax.

Yours outgoing President and now a loyal member of MDA,

Kenneth Anderson


Received the word that CAVRS Board list are:

ASL Director:                           Lisa Anderson-Kellett
LSQ Director:                           Cynthia Benoit
TSP Director:                           Jonathan Daniels
TSP Director:                           Eric Edora
ASL Permanent Invitee:           Marty Taylor
LSQ Permanent Invitee:           Suzanne Villeneuve

Congratulations to these people. 

Sheila Montney


Hi everyone!

Sorry that you have to change my email address to from cuz that my email address is crashed down and forced me to change to new one.

Please remember to use that new email addresses for the purpose of my involvement in the Deaf organization, such as WAD/CAD. MDSA/CDSA, Western Canada 55+ Games and other Deaf organization.

Please remember to use Elaine’s email address as for the purpose for general and personal comments to her email address other than Deaf organization.

Many thanks

Kenneth R. Anderson


       MDA Board is dire in need of one or two more members to be on the Board for this coming year.  Cynthia Duboff has tendered her resignation as the secretary of MDA, which she was elected last April.  It was due to her doctor being told that she had to take a year of absence from social activity due to her back surgery and unexpected other painful issues. It would be nice to have another to replace her and one more member to join. 

2    It is nice to see some Deaf people sitting on the standing committee which shows your respect to MDA. However, some of you are not a member.  It is mandatory that Deaf must be a member of MDA in good standing.  If you are still not a member; you do have a chance to become a member before the deadline of August 31st. If by August 31st, you are still not a member, you will be asked to leave the standing committee.  You can contact Gunars Butkans, Vice-President and Membership Chairperson or me for more information. 
3   My apology for the information about the MSD Reunion on next Oct. 16-
18, 2015 marked the anniversary of 50th not 40th as stated.  There will be a fundraising at Garbonzo’s Pizza at 2-471 Portage Avenue, formerly Greyhound Bus Station on Sept. 26, 2014.  For tickets, please see Kenneth Anderson, Gunars Butkans, Douglas Momotiuk, Tricia Amos of MSD Reunion, DRC and Front Desk. Cost of ticket is $20 per person.

     For your information, the President will be at the CAD AGM meeting on July 31st for the weekend.

     Don’t hesitate to call and contact me for more information on MDA. 
Enjoy your second half of the summer.

Kenneth R. Anderson, President

Message from Manitoba Deaf Association (MDA) newly-President:

The new elected 2014-15 Board of Directors, which was elected last April 26, 2014:

President: Kenneth R. Anderson
Vice-President: Gunars Butkans
Secretary: Cynthia Duboff
Treasurer: Douglas Momotiuk
Youth Director: Jordan Sangalang

Congratulations on these elected Board and surely they will try their best to improve the future of MDA.

International World of Deaf (IWD):

The Board is in need to have a chairperson in charge of IWD (International World of Deaf) to establish the events during the week of September 21 to 27, 2014.  It is similar to Deaf Awareness Week, which is no longer existed.

Upcoming events:

Thanks to all those who already filled up and interested to sit on the standing committee called “Manitoba Education” and will start their first inaugural meeting this coming Wednesday, May 7.

The Board will have their first MDA meeting as to review from last year activities and to discuss about the future budget on May 21th.

I would appreciate if anyone who wants to help with or feedback on MDA issue in any way, please feel free to email to Kenneth Anderson,   


President: Kenneth Anderson
Vice-President: Gunars Butkans
Secretary: Cynthia Duboff
Treasurer: Douglas Momotiuk

Delegate to CAD: Kenneth Anderson
Representatives to MTS Special Needs – Dennis Zimmer
Representatives to Minister Advisory Board (Deaf Education): Bruce Koskie, Doug Momotiuk, and Rick Zimmer
Representative to ECCOE: Sheila Montney
Representative to Manitoba Accessibility Advisory Council: Doug MomotIuk
Representative to AEIP/DLP/DSP: Bruce Koskie, Sylvia Sigurdson
Representative to MLPD: Doug Momotiuk, Cynthia Duboff
Representative to Women’s International: Sheila Montney
Representative to Video Captioning: Gunars Butkans
Sign Talk Branch – Prairie Children Centre: Sheila Montney


Charitable & By-laws: Doug Momotiuk, Gunars Butkans, and Kenneth Anderson
Deaf History & Museum: Bruce Koskie, Kenneth Anderson, David Burke, Jon Miller
Deaf Mosaic/Mental Health: Bruce Koskie, Rita Bomak, and Sandy Lysachok
285 Pembina Inc. Working Group: Gunars Butkans, Kenneth Anderson, and Sandy Smith
VRS Manitoba: Sheila Montney & Kenneth Dans (co-chairperson), Kevin Bauldic, Devin Stocki, Patricia Amaro, Kimberly Drummond and Dennis Zimmer.
Deaf Youth Camp: Rita Bomak, Bruce Koskie

A big congratulation on those above volunteers to give their time to help and work for Manitoba Deaf Association

MDA REPORT-June 11th, 2014

There are few items that I want to let you to know about MDA.

1.      Perhaps if you haven’t become a member of MDA yet this year, I encourage you to apply before June 30th, 2014 to get yourself a 10% discount.  For the form, you can pick it from the bulletin board by DRC office and filled out and put it under the door of MDA –Room 240.  A wonderful 10% discount before summer begins.
2.      For organization, if your organization wants to become an affiliate for 2014, I again encourage you to fill it out same as above.  Any questions, see Vice-President Gunars Butkans, who also take responsible for membership and affiliate too.
3.      Since WAD is at no action for a year, MDA is happy to take care for WAD.  Anyone who want to take care of WAD’s 100th anniversary event that will be on Sat. Sept. 27th during the International Week of the Deaf.  Also about the WAD Dinner and Draw for Dec. 6th and WAD Christmas Children Party on Dec. 13rd.  Please see me, Kenneth Anderson
4.      Any questions or concerns about MDA, please see me as well, since MDA will have their board meeting next Thursday, June 19.  MDA will try their best to cooperate to answer your concerns.  Please leave message at my email address.

Many thanks and have a summer vacations as well. 

Proposed Customer Service Standard  
By Doug Momotiuk, MAAC Representative
November 19, 2014

You remembered that the Accessibility for Manitobans Act became law on December 5, 2013. This purpose of the legislation is to provide a process for the identification, preventation and removal of barriers that prevent people disabled by barriers from full participation.

It will accomplish this procession to develop standards on customer service, information and communication, transportation, employment and the built environment.

As customer service is the first standard to be developed, the Minister agreed that the Council should be on the role of the Customer Service Standard Development Committee to work leading to application of the legislation.

This Committee has been meeting regularly since February 2014. We provided to the public on the government’s website. The ideas, questions and concerns were collected and considered in the preparation of this Proposed Customer Service Standard.

In April 2014, the Committee released the Discussion Paper on an Initial Proposed Customer Service Standard. They also collected feedbacks and concerns from the stakeholders and the public consultations on June 17-18, 2014 that more than 150 people attended the two day event and also webcast.

The Customer Service Standard Recommendation now has the purpose and application, effective dates, establishment of policies, practices and procedures, use of support persons, use of service animals, notice of temporary disruption, training for staff, feedback process for providers of goods or services, notice of availability of documents, format of documents and compliance.  

The example is that the organizations with 20 or more employees must have the policies/practices/procedures and trainings on how to communicate with Deaf people at customer services at the Government of Manitoba, every government agency and all private and non-profit organizations. The other example is that colleges and universities’ support services or customer services make sure if there are qualified sign language interpreters at Deaf students’ classes or meetings. The other example is to have full accessibility of communication between doctors and Deaf patients/families with qualified sign language interpreters in person or by video interpreters at hospitals.  

We forwarded the Committee’s recommendations on a Proposed Customer Service Standard to the Minister.