Deaf Centre Manitoba, Inc. SALE!

July 7, 2021

[ ASL Signer: Joanna Hawkins]

Visit google form link for your orders.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Joanna and my signed name is “JK”, I would like to announce that DCM, Inc. Sale. See the poster and see the tote bag, mask, mug, cap and t-shirt. This is the way you can make an order, please see the google form link on DCM, Inc. Facebook page. You can click on this link and see the DCM, Inc. Sale form. The deadline will be held on Monday, August 9, 2021.

Type up your Name, Phone number and/or Email address. This is important information to be contacted and we will keep a confidential this contact information.

Scroll down and look at there has different Deaf Centre Manitoba, (DCM) Inc and Deaf Resource Centre (DRC) with big logo placed in the center and small left the heart of the t-shirt, quantity numbers you want to order, three different color White, black and blue and also, size S, M, L, XL, XXL. You can type up the note below: Quantity, Color, Size. Example 1-M Black, 2-XL White, 4-S Blue.

There have also described items, Tote bag, mask, mug and cap. If you don’t want to order items, just leave a blank and look at scroll down with different selling items.

See at the end page, if you have questions, please type up the note, then make sure you double check all the information and confirmation of your orders before submission. If you confirmed with these orders, please click on the Submit icon to be sent.

We will contact you for the clarification or ready to pick up your orders. For further details or more questions, please email

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