Friday, May 13, 2022

DCM Inc's Notice of AGM 2022

[ASL Signer: Alexandra Calbay-Martin]
Video description: Alexandra is in the brown, white and black stripe with buttons and signing opposite a little dark blue background. Alexandra has a rubber band on hair, hearing aid with green mold on right ear, and matte black fingernails.


Hi All, Deaf community. The DCM Inc would like to inform you that we have a notice of Annual General Meeting on June 30th, Thursday at 6:00pm in the Affleck Room, DCM Building.

What we do with the AGM meeting:
1. To receive and approve the Annual Report of DCM Inc.
2. Board Election for Treasurer and Directors
3. Other Businesses

All deaf tenants living at 285 Pembina Inc and Manitoba Deaf Association (MDA) are automatically members of the DCM Inc. It's not just for our group, but for all of you, the deaf community, who are welcome at the AGM meeting.

Nomination for Treasurer and Directors, please contact

Accessible needs request and registration, please contact

Once registered, the Annual Report will be sent.
RSVP: Wednesday, June 22, 2022
I hope that you register by June 22, 2022. Looking forward to seeing you all at AGM. Thank you.