Sunday, July 5, 2020

How to keep your pet safe during hot and cold weather?

How Can I Keep my Pets Safe Hot and Cold Weather Safety Fireworks or scheduled fireworks? Keep your pets inside. Emergency Preparedness for Pets There are a variety of potential emergencies that may cause difficulties for the citizens of Winnipeg and surrounding area. Awareness of these events is a starting point to becoming prepared. Make sure to include your pets when you develop your family’s emergency plan. Things to keep in mind during an emergency are: Don't leave your pet(s) behind, even if you think you will only be away from your house for a few hours. The best way to protect your pet in an emergency is to bring it with you. If you have exotic animals, fish, or birds remember your home may lose power in the event of an emergency. Post stickers on your home. If you own pets, it is wise to place stickers on the main entrances to your home to alert emergency responders to the number and location of pets in your house. If you have evacuated with your pets due to emergency, write “evacuated” on your door sticker. Emergency Kit: Include pet supplies in your family’s emergency kit, such as: Vet and vaccination records Pet food for at least 72 hours Your pet’s medications An extra collar and leash Blankets Toys and treats Kennels or carriers Disinfectants and plastic bags for waste disposal Water and water bowls Cat litter A recent photo Contact information for your vet. Be sure to check the contents of your kit twice a year and replace food and water every two to three months. Emergency accommodations: make plans in advance as to where your pet can go in an emergency. Establish an out-of-area contact who can care for your pet during an emergency. Ensure your pet is licensed. If you and your pet get separated during an emergency, a licence will help reunite you. For information on pet licensing and to purchase a licence, please visit City of Winnipeg – Animal Services. Make plans in advance with a neighbor or family member to evacuate your pet should you not be home during an emergency. Do not let your pet off-leash during an emergency as they may be scared and may behave unpredictably. If you must leave your pet at home during an emergency, be sure to leave behind plenty of food and water for your pet, post a sign notifying first responders that there are pets in your house and how many, and post your evacuation location and contact information on the entrances to your house so that you and your pet can be reunited. For information on how to develop an emergency plan for you and your family, please visit City of Winnipeg – Be Prepared for an Emergency. For more information on Winnipeg Animal Services, please see City of Winnipeg – Animal Services.