Monday, April 13, 2020

Special messge from Westjet regarding COVID 19

Everything has changed. Our priorities, our daily routines and our ability to connect. While COVID-19 may have separated us physically, in many ways it has actually brought us closer together. We're in this together, even though we're separate. Our business is centered completely around connection and while it may look a little different, we're sharing what's been happening here, in our world, so we can stay connected with you, our most valued guests.

WestJet's commitment to you

Our President and CEO, Ed Sims, reiterates our commitment to WestJetters and Canadians. The aviation industry will play a primary role in kickstarting the strong recovery of the Canadian economy. The people of WestJet are proud and prepared to play our part.
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Bringing Canadians home

By the end of this weekend, we will have operated four repatriation flights to bring almost 700 Canadians home. Thank you to our incredible crews who continue to ensure Canadians get home safely from all over the world. 

Toronto Blue Jays help WestJet welcome Canadians home

"As people began to settle in you could see the tension dissolve, replaced with a festive atmosphere, Blue Jay hats were handed out and, most importantly, they knew they would be soon be heading home." - Captain Dan Perra
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We safely parked 120 of our aircraft as a result of COVID-19's impact on our business. While difficult to see, we will continue to maintain these aircraft with the care that we’re known for, and you’ve come to expect from us. They will be ready to fly again when the time comes.
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Exceptional times. Exceptional care.

We’ve extended our flexible change/cancel policy. All new flight bookings made until May 31, 2020 will now be allowed a one-time change fee waiver so you can continue to book with confidence.
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Add a little colour to Easter

We may not be able to bring your friends and family together this Easter, but we can still help you connect with them. Print a card, colour it, then take a pic and tag someone you love. It may not be the same as a hug, but it never hurts to show you care.
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