Sunday, April 5, 2020

Jordan Sangalang want to provide updates for Deaf Communities in Manitoba!


In the past few weeks, things got busier than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, the numbers in Manitoba is relatively low compared to the others who have been hit with spikes of COVID-19 cases in Canada. The Premier of Manitoba, Brian Pallister, is reminding Manitobans that they are taking proactive measures and are expecting number of cases to continue rising. So, as a Manitoban, I know we are to follow and trust that they are doing their best. As a responsible Manitoban, I know we are to follow rules to reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19 around such as: physical distancing, frequently washing my hands and sneezing/coughing into my elbow. More specifically, to keep the curve flat. In other words, not contribute to the strain into the healthcare system. There's more to it to be safe to protect myself, my loved ones and my community.

As a manager for Deaf Home Supports at New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults and Families, I have to be sure to be there for my staff as we are a social services agency. Hence, an essential service because we provide support to individuals in the community and their homes. Another pandemic that was going around (and still is) is the fear, anxiety and panic of being exposed to Coronavirus. As a manager, I have a job to ensure lines of communication are open, making sure my staff have the supports and the information they need to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. I told them that I can't say, "Everything will be fine." There's a lot of uncertainty and this may go on for a period of time to fight this virus. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon. Our staff, including myself, need to take breaks and have rests because we have to ensure we are healthy - physically and mentally - so we're able to help others.

On top of this, as a Deaf person, I believe the Deaf Communities in Manitoba have the right to effectively understand the message from our Manitoba government so we know what is going on and what the plan is with COVID-19 pandemic. There have been misinformation about COVID-19 circulating in the news and social media which is spreading fear, anxiety and panic. These kind of things don't help us. So, this is where I decided to step up to be more available to interpret the information from the Manitoba Government and City of Winnipeg as a Deaf Interpreter with ECCOE. It is simply the principle to make their information accessible for the Deaf Community in American Sign Language. Below are some of the work that we (Deaf Interpreters) in Winnipeg have been doing with COVID-19 Updates:

YouTube Playlists:
COVID-19 Updates by the Manitoba Government
COVID-19 Updates by the City of Winnipeg

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