Monday, April 13, 2020

Important message from President and CEO of Sobeys

Sobeys - Better food for All.

To our Valued Sobeys Customer,

Long weekends are typically a time when extended Canadian families come together, relax and enjoy wonderful food. This spring is starting to look very different. For the sake of everyone’s safety, we have to keep a physical distance from many of our loved ones. Isn’t it strange that the best way we can stick together is by staying apart?

During these changed times, our strongest bonds and partnerships are being tested. It is incredible to see friends, families and all Canadians come together to support one another.

One group that deserves great praise is our valued Supplier Partners. We work with thousands of farmers, growers, consumer goods and food suppliers to get the products you know and love into our stores. They have all done such a great job for Canadians. Faced with immense change over the last month, we have tested these partnerships to new limits.

In addition to keeping our stores stocked, behind the scenes there is an incredible army of warehouse, distribution and supplier heroes hustling so hard to keep production facilities operational and safe. A special shout out to our industry’s amazing truck drivers. We couldn’t serve you without all of these great Canadians. It’s hard not to have faith when so many people are working together for the collective good.

New partnerships are cropping up too. As an example, Sysco Canada had fresh beef and bacon that they typically supply to restaurants. We’ve been able to sell their product in our stores and avoid food waste.

Another new partnership we’ve started is with the Girl Guides of Canada. We are now selling their cookies in many of our stores across Canada. With their sales model in distress, we’ve been able to help step in and support this great organization. We are also making local donations to foodbanks, meal programs and charities. There are so many other causes out there that need our help more than ever right now.

Last week, we announced that we are providing our more than 13,000 smaller supplier partners with shorter payment terms. We’re paying them faster to help them keep up amidst all this change. This includes local farmers and fisheries, waste collection companies, repair and maintenance businesses, and many others. We remain steadfast in our commitment to stocking local Canadian products and look forward to supporting local businesses, as we do each year, in our stores this spring.

These are just a few examples of the partnerships that inspire us every day. As the early signs of spring start to show and we head into the long weekend, we salute everyone who is working in partnership to keep our communities and families across our great country safe and fed. The supply chain in Canada is resourceful, responding and robust. We have unending gratitude to everyone working to keep it moving. Thank you!

Stay safe,

Michael Medline
President & CEO