Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sobey made another announcement for valued Sobeys Customers

Sobeys - Better food for All.

To our Valued Sobeys Customer,

All our hearts go out to those grieving or ill due to this terrible virus, and to those Canadians who have been laid off work or whose businesses have been forced to close.

These continue to be very challenging times. We are all doing our very best to adapt and keep our families healthy and safe. Only a few weeks ago, the world was normal and we could move around freely and safely. Now, we need to keep our social distance and worry for our loved ones and the welfare of all Canadians.

As an essential destination for your food and pharmacy needs, we have made enhanced safety measures our top priority in recent weeks. You will see significant changes in our grocery store and pharmacy locations to safeguard our teammates and our customers. We are heartened to see how you have responded to these changes as we collectively work to stop the spread of coronavirus. We know that together, we will get through these tough times.

To protect our front line heroes and our valued customers, over the last few days we have:
  • Continued our nationwide rollout of plexiglass cashier screens
  • Reinforced a robust and frequent cleaning program throughout stores
  • Reinforced our already high sanitization standards for all teammates
  • Early on, we closed all self-serve, cafĂ© and bulk food areas
  • Reduced hours to allow our teams more time to clean, restock and rest
  • Reserved the first hour of the shopping day for those most vulnerable
  • Continued to add floor markings and signage to our stores in order to promote social distancing
We won’t stop there. We will continue to safeguard our stores in this evolving situation. We will spare no time or expense when it comes to your safety and that of our hardworking teammates. We will continue to work with and follow the helpful guidance of all levels of government and local health authorities to ensure that everything we do protects the families that depend on us. If you can, stay home. If you need grocery or pharmacy goods, we will make the experience as safe as we can for you.

We know these changes do not always make for the easiest shopping experience and we sincerely appreciate your continued patience and loyalty. It pains us to keep at a distance in our typically vibrant social hubs – a place where you normally bring your family members to browse and debate which flavour of ice cream to buy each week. We have had to make these difficult changes to help keep everyone as safe as possible. We all look forward to the day when life returns to a more normal rhythm.

On the positive side, you still have the same friendly teammates in our stores to support you. We’re incredibly proud of their unrelenting drive to serve you while keeping their morale up throughout this very difficult time. We are also investing significantly in our communities – our local stores know the needs of their communities best.

Finally, rest assured that there is enough food to go around. Our food supply chain remains strong. We’re working around the clock to stock our stores in, the face of unprecedented demand.

Thank you for your trust. For the last 113 years, we have been there for you as a family serving families. When this is over – and it will be over – we will all be stronger than ever.

Stay safe,

Michael Medline
President & CEO