Monday, May 14, 2018

Using iPad and iPhone with Hearing Loss Info Session | Global Accessibility Awareness Day | 17 May 2018 | Hosted by Apple Polo Park | 4PM

Apple Polo Park is hosting an event on 17 May 2018 for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, "Using iPad and iPhone with Hearing Loss" at 4PM. It is a one-hour session that covers the basics of FaceTime, LED Flash Alerts, and more. An interpreter will be present as well. Interested participants must register.

These sessions are all FREE, and do not require ownership of Apple devices, but we will only exclusively be training on Apple devices. 

To register:

1. Visit Deaf Resource Center during business hours to register in person
3. Contact Jesse Knox, Manager of Apple Polo Park
          Phone: 204.777.4500

Apple Polo Park would like to partner up with Deaf Resource Centre to accommodate the Deaf community with their Apple products, on how to use them, learn more about their devices, teach content that would support and inspire people to use Apple devices to do more than they realized possible. We would love to hear your feedback. Please, feel free to send your requests of seminars or trainings at the DRC front desk or so we can organize a seminar for you.

We encourage people to attend these seminars that way we can provide you with the best possible service for you.

Other seminars being offered at Apple Polo Park could be found on this website,