Friday, October 13, 2017

Doug Momotiuk's experience at 2nd Annual Torch of Dignity Relay

The representatives from over 50 organizations including 2 Provincial MLAs and 1 Federal MP ran for the Manitobans for Human Rights’ 2nd Annual Torch of Dignity Relay on Monday, August 7, 2017.

The relay started at Kildonan Park and ended at Oodena Celebration Circle at Forks Market. There were the opening and closing ceremonies for the speakers.

Doug Momotiuk, Chairperson of Deaf Centre Manitoba, Inc took the location at 2nd spot of the relay. The MLA, Hon. Steven Fletcher started with the torch at the first spot and then he passed the torch to Doug at the second spot. Doug jogged to next spot and passed the torch to someone within Kildonan Park.

The Manitobans for Human Rights has two goals to promote Human Rights. The first goal is to promote Human Rights learning throughout the Province of Manitoba to many different sectors of society. The second goal is to work to the gradual development of a community based on equality and non-discrimination