Monday, April 3, 2017

Emergency Preparedness Information Flood Newsletter #6

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Flood Newsletter #6

Today, the City of Winnipeg provided an update on its flood preparations, based on the forecast from the Province of Manitoba, operation of the Red River Floodway and ice conditions.
The operation of the floodway, which began Friday, continues.  The City continues to respond using Thursday’s forecasted peaks (between 18.6 to 20.8 feet James).
All 25 homes identified as needing immediate sandbag dike protection yesterday, have completed the work. The 25 properties that were not immediately required to build sandbag dikes are asked to remain on stand-by.
Given current ice conditions and an observed stabilization in river levels overnight, City flood planning and operations will continue as planned. The City continues working with affected property owners to provide support and monitor sandbag dikes.
Current river levels are available at City of Winnipeg – River Levels.
The City replenished its stockpile of sandbags overnight.  Currently, there are 60,000 sandbags available, if required.
Additional precipitation or a change in ice conditions could alter the number of properties at risk. City of Winnipeg staff will continue to monitor river levels, weather conditions and floodway operations, while working closely with the Province of Manitoba, to adapt protection measures accordingly.
If you are not contacted by the City of Winnipeg regarding the need to build a sandbag dike, your property has not been identified as being at risk of river flooding.If a property owner has not heard from the City and believes their property is at risk of river flooding, they can contact 311, open 24 hours every day, by phone at 311 or by email at
The City does not require volunteers to assist in the construction of dikes.
The public is encouraged to follow the City of Winnipeg on Facebook and Twitter (#WpgFlood) for flood updates as well as reviewing flood information on