Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Deaf Photography Fundraiser Winner List

We, the group of 8 Deaf photography artists, wanted to extend our sincere thanks to all of you who both came out and bought tickets for our Garbanzo fundraiser and are happy to let you know you that we raised $1,875 that night.  Your continued support is so amazing and without you all we would never be able to reach our dreams and goals of becoming professional photographers.

The night was fantastic and we were all so excited to see so many familiar faces. Garbanzo was packed and everyone had a great time! The night was a success with us raising enough funds to cover the cost of our ASL-English interpreter fees for our class.

# 1 Back to Nature  (Winner: Susan Zimmer)
#2 Going for Goal  (Winner: Christine Dans)
#3 Hangin’ with Friends (Winner: Jane Sayer)
#4 Alone at last!  (Winner:  Edith Zimmer)
#5 A Call of the Wild  (Winner: Kyra Zimmer)
#6 Find your Quiet  (Winner: Lisa Rumble)
# 7 Choo Choo  (Winner: Chris Fedick)
# 8 The Great Outdoors  ( Winner: Stephanie Bouwman)
#9 My Winnipeg  (Winner: Kristia Graham)
#10 All Board!!  (Winner: Andrew Nelson)
# 11 Live*Laugh*Love  (Winner: Lawrence Zimmer)
#12  Never a Dull Moment  (Winner: Kyra Zimmer)
50/50 Winner: Nate Thorstienson

Special thanks to National Leasing, Blue Bombers, Investors Group, Saje, Photo Centre, Broszeit Family, Dans Family, Andrew Nelson, Karli Stephenson, Dennis Zimmer, Dana Zimmer and Susan Zimmer for their donations.