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City of Winnipeg Feedback news 2016

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The City would like to thank all those who submitted their feedback on the Corydon- Osborne Area Plan implementation at the June 21, 2016 community meeting, at the March 9, 2016 open house, by email, and through online surveys.

The Winnipeg Public Service has reviewed the feedback that has been submitted as of August 29, 2016.

We would like to provide highlights of what we have heard so far:
  1. The majority of residents are not supportive of a mass rezoning of all R1 properties to R2 within the Corydon-Osborne plan area.
  2. Residents would like to have an opportunity to be involved in the approval process for new residential development with increased density, such as two-family development and multi-family development, where permitted by the Corydon-Osborne Plan.
  3. There were very few concerns about implementation of the Planned Development Overlay (PDO) and broad support for the design review process that would be required for developments other than single-family residential .
Based on the feedback received throughout the consultation process, the City has made significant changes to the initial zoning proposal that was shared at the March open house for implementation of the Corydon-Osborne Plan. The changes are as follows:
  1. The City will no longer be recommending a rezoning of R1 properties to R2. R1 properties will remain R1.
  2. Two-family development may be accommodated on R1 properties in the Lower Density and Medium Density Residential areas with a conditional use approval and public hearing for each proposal.
The August 2016 revised PDO, an explanation of alignment between Corydon-Osborne Area Plan and the proposed PDO, a consultation summary, and a comparison between the initial proposal and the August 2016 proposal are provided at the following link:

Next Step – Continuing the Conversation

The City is accepting written comments on the new proposal until September 16, 2016.
Citizens are encouraged to provide written comments by e-mail at

Once the comment period is closed, public hearings will take place at City Hall. It is anticipated that the hearings will take place in October 2016 at City Centre Community Committee – for the PDO – and in November 2016 at Standing Policy Committee on Property, Development, Heritage and Downtown Development– for text amendments to the By-law.

The hearing agendas will be published online closer to the date of the hearings – available at

For more information, please go to or email us at

Winnipeg Police News Release August 30th, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016

Alma Black Obituary posted from Green Acres Funeral Home 2016

John Ruppel's Obituary posted in Neil Bardal's website 2016

John Ruppel's Funeral Service 2016

The family wishes to inform you that John Ruppel passed away this week. The funeral will be held at the Neil Bardal Funeral Chapel, 3030 Notre Dame Ave this coming Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 at 1:30pm. Full obituary will be in tomorrow's Winnipeg Free Press paper (Saturday, August 6th, 2016).

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