Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Important information about Prime Minister's Youth Advisory Council

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Veuillez s’il vous plaît prendre connaissance des renseignements ci-dessous au sujet du Conseil jeunesse du premier ministre.

Le premier ministre Trudeau accepte maintenant les demandes pour former un nouveau conseil consultatif de la jeunesse. Trente jeunes âgés de 16 à 24 ans provenant de différentes collectivités du Canada seront choisis comme membres du Conseil jeunesse du premier ministre. Le Conseil donnera des recommandations au premier ministre sur des enjeux nationaux comme l’emploi, l’accès à l’éducation, le renforcement des collectivités, les changements climatiques et la croissance durable.

Veuillez noter qu’il est possible de prendre part à la fois au Conseil jeunesse du premier ministre et au Forum national de la jeunesse sur l’accessibilité de la ministre Carla Qualtrough.

En cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous, vous obtiendrez davantage de renseignements sur la façon de présenter une demande en vue de devenir membre du Conseil jeunesse du premier ministre.

Merci de partager cette information au sein de vos réseaux. Les demandes d’informations supplémentaires au sujet de ce processus peuvent être adressées par téléphone ou courriel, disponibles via le lien ci-dessus.  
Please see below for information on the Prime Minister’s Youth Advisory Council

Prime Minister Trudeau is seeking applications for a new youth advisory council.  Thirty youth, aged 16-24, from diverse communities across Canada, will be selected as members of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council. The Council will advise the Prime Minister on national issues such as employment, access to education, building stronger communities, climate change and clean growth.

Please note that there is no conflict in applying to be a part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council and Minister Carla Qualtrough’s  National Youth Forum on Accessibility.

Click here to find out more about applying to become a member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council.

Please distribute widely to your networks. If you would like information about this process, you will find contact information in the link above.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Special announcement about International Deaf Catholic Association Conference in Winnipeg


Please see Liette Gervais's ASL VLOG about International Catholic Deaf Association Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

Sheila Montney
Executive Director

Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc

Dr. Megan Jack- Deaf Doctor now have two locations in Winnipeg- Check it out!!

Dr. Megan Jack is now working at both ACCESS Downtown (640 Main St) and ACCESS Fort Garry (135 Plaza Drive). She continues to accept deaf/hard of hearing individuals who are looking for a family physician who is deaf and fluent in ASL.

If you are interested in attending ACCESS Fort Garry, please email for more information on becoming a patient. Please make sure to mention that you are deaf/hard of hearing or use ASL.

If you are interested in attending ACCESS Downtown, please stop by to complete an intake form. Again, please mention that you are deaf/hard of hearing or use ASL.

Alternatively, you can also complete the online form at Family Doctor Finder ( and under Your Preferences for a Health Care Provider, type American Sign Language as your preferred language. Family Doctor Finder will then connect you with either ACCESS Downtown or ACCESS Fort Garry.

For ASL video- please see this link-

Sheila Montney
Executive Director
Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vacation Bible School in Lorette 2016

We are a church in Lorette that is offering programming to the Deaf Community for children ages 5-12.

Registration is on-line this year! Check us out at
Fun for children ages 5 through 12. 
Games, Bible stories, activities, snacks, music and more. 
Free ASL interpretation for deaf children by experienced and qualified interpreters.
Aug 7-11 6:30-8:30 pm

Thank you

World Federation of the Deaf Special Announcement 2016

To Members of the WFD,
Click this below link to watch the video:

WFD Honorary President Dr Yerker Andersson passed away in Frederick, Maryland, USA on 18 July 2016. The WFD expresses its deepest condolences to his wife, Nancy Andersson, on his passing.
Dr Andersson served two terms as WFD Vice President (1975-1983) and three terms as WFD President (1983-1995). Dr Andersson was the first deaf person to address at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 1992. He became the First WFD Honorary President in 2011. During his time as WFD President, the WFD expanded greatly in membership, reaching out to deaf associations on every continent and becoming more actively involved with advocating for human rights of deaf people at the United Nations and other international agencies.
Many of us knew him as a foremost leader and a strong advocate for deaf people around the world. We can honour his work and achievements by building upon his work and continuing to promote the human rights of deaf people everywhere.

Kind regards
Phillipa Sandholm

Ms Phillipa Sandholm
Administrative Secretary
World Federation of the Deaf
WFD Secretariat
PO Box 65
FIN-00401 Helsinki
Mobile: (sms/Whats App): +358 50 331 1059

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) is an international non-governmental organisation representing and promoting approximately 70 million deaf people's human rights worldwide.  The WFD is a federation of deaf organisations from 132 nations; its mission is to promote the human rights of deaf people and full, quality and equal access to all spheres of life, including self-determination, sign language, education, employment and community life. WFD has a consultative status in the United Nations and is a member of International Disability Alliance (IDA).  (  Email:

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Marlee Matlin on Deaf and Police Interaction 2016

This is an interesting video!!  ( If unable to open, copy and paste onto your browser).

Thank you,
DCM Inc. Staff