Friday, June 24, 2016

SRV Canada VRS new website:)

June 2016 Update - SRV Canada VRS

Please click here to watch this announcement in ASL.

In April, we announced the name of the new VRS service, “SRV Canada VRS”, and today, we are announcing a new website

Go to the website to learn about the technical requirements and equipment that you will need to use VRS when it becomes available in September.

Also, there are two important features on the new website I’d like to emphasize.

The first is a brief Survey with questions you can respond to help CAV understand how our community will be using the service.  For example, choice of language (ASL/LSQ) or which province you live in or what type of equipment you plan to use (pc, tablet or smartphone).

Secondly, in a short video message (ASL or LSQ) tell us how you think VRS will impact your life. Selected videos will be edited and will be included in a short film which will premiere at CAV’s launch event and will also be featured on the website.

In addition, we’ve begun building new call centres and training Video Interpreters and Customer Service Representatives.

I hope you can feel the excitement. VRS is coming alive!  Tell your friends – “SRV Canada VRS – it’s coming!!!”

Thank you,

Sue Decker
Executive Director, CAV-ACS