Tuesday, May 10, 2016

REMINDER!!! Today is National Census Day 2016

Subject: Census 2016: It Benefits Us All

Today, May 10th is National Census Day. It is very important for every Manitoban to participate in the 2016 Census. In addition to producing a high resolution picture of our various communities, the Census population counts are used as mechanisms to allocate federal funding to municipalities and provinces. As Minister Friesen said “It is up to all of us to fill out the forms because if we don’t, it’s our communities that will lose out.”

For every person ultimately missed, Manitoba loses $46,000 in federal transfer payments over the next five years. These funds directly support the fabric of our Province.

If you have not received a cream Census package, please call the Census Help Line at 1-855-700-2016.

Census 2016: It Benefits Us All.


Wilf Falk
Chief Statistician of Manitoba
Manitoba Bureau of Statistics
824 – 155 Carlton Street
(204) 945-2988