Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wanna Kernel Popcorn? See below!

Anyone interested to buy Kernels Popcorn with several flavours for Annika's fundraising program? Bags range in size from 20-55g and sell for $2.00. 8 flavors to choose such as White Cheese,Salt & Vinegar, Dill Pickle, Ketchup, Buttersalt, Jalapeno Jack, Cheddar Cheese and Creamy Caramel. The popcorn is whole grain produce made with non-GMO free corn, no Trans Fats, is Gluten Free and No-Nut product! The bag will last fresh up to two month expiration date. The money will be raised for equipment and activities for students at ETBA and ADFC to enjoy!! Contact Sheila by email -

Thank you in advance for your support toward Annika's Kinder-daycare!