Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Update from City of Winnipeg-Additional consultation for proposed zoning change for south of Corydon Avenue

City of 


Additional consultation is planned regarding proposed zoning change from R1 to R2 south of Corydon Avenue

The City would like to thank all those who submitted their feedback on the Corydon Osborne Area Plan implementation at the open house, by email, and through online surveys. We received over 150 submissions. 
The Winnipeg Public Service has reviewed the feedback that has been submitted up to this point. 
We would like to provide a brief summary of what we have heard so far.

1. The majority of respondents support the Planned Development Overlay (PDO) and the design review process that would be required for developments other than single-family residential.

The majority of respondents also support the proposed Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zoning district, which would allow additional height and density for properties that are immediately adjacent to rapid transit stations.

3. For the Medium Density Residential, Higher Density Residential, and Low Rise Mixed Use Residential Areas, which are primarily north of Corydon Avenue, the majority of respondents support rezoning properties from “R1” to “R2”.

4. For the Lower Density Residential Area, which is south of Corydon Avenue, and includes the streets Jessie Avenue, Warsaw Avenue, and Mulvey Avenue,  feedback on rezoning properties from “R1” to “R2” was mixed.  While some respondents in this area support the proposed rezoning, we received a number of responses that indicated concerns with the proposed zoning change. 

Based on this feedback, the Public Service has determined that for the proposed rezoning from “R1” to “R2” in the Lower Density Residential Area, additional engagement will be carried out prior to the scheduling of a public hearing.
Next Step – Continuing the Conversation

The City will undertake further public engagement for the proposed change from “R1” to “R2” in the Lower Density Residential Area.  This will include a workshop focused on the rezonings, including options. There will also be tools to engage online. 
It is anticipated that public engagement for the next phase of the project will take place in June 2016
, including a workshop. The City will notify residents in the Lower Density Residential Area by mail once we have confirmed details. 
For more info: email ppdcorydon@winnipeg.ca
or visit the project website at http://winnipeg.ca/ppd/corydon/.