Monday, March 7, 2016

Disability Matters 2016 Weekly Task for March 7th!

Weekly Task for March 7

Are you on social media? Do you have email addresses for your friends and family?

This week, let's rally all the people we know to become a part of this campaign. Post this message on your social media or send it to all your friends and family through email:

Message: (feel free to personalize)

Friends, I care deeply about disability issues and am actively supporting the Disability Matters: Vote 2016 campaign and we need you to help too! All you need to do is follow the campaign on social media or by signing up for updates. Look at the Tool Kit to see how you can help and ask the questions provided to the candidates that come to your door.

Tool kit:
Email updates:

Please help - it takes very little time and will make a huge difference!

Thanks for your support!