Monday, February 8, 2016

Manitoba Deaf Coalition- February 16th, 2016!!


This is my idea about the Manitoba Deaf Coalition and I did presented twice about the new Deaf organization, one during the International Week of the Deaf in 2014 and one in October 2015 meeting. 

All Deaf organizations are urgently welcomed to the meeting.

The purpose of setting up the new organization that it will oversee all the other organization and their needs. One of my reason is for that is that federal government is probably will accept the charitable numbers for all organizations with one goal to collect all members on the list to show them.  Once we had set up Manitoba Deaf Coalition, if successful, our goal is to get the charitable numbers and can help your organization with the grant.  It is a big positive if successful.

My purpose is not what everybody thinks I meant to close or remove the existing organizations.  They will not be disbanded or dissolved but to keep their interests in different organizations.  They will keep their Board. 

 So I have set the meeting for you on Tuesday, February 16th at The Fiola Room at 7 pm. 

Should you need any information, don’t hesitate to call Kenneth Anderson
at 489-6465 TTY or email at

Please make an effort to come yourself and hear the comments about the new Manitoba Deaf Coalition on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016.

 Your attendance is appreciated.  

To Members and Non-Members of Manitoba Deaf Association (MDA), friends across Manitoba and all Deaf organizations.

I had introduced the idea of setting up one big organization where smaller groups can use as their support last May 2015.  He suggested the name of the organization to be called either “Coalition of Deaf Manitoba Organization” or “Organization of Deaf Manitobans”.  About 15 members at the workshop voted to re-name the organization as “Manitoba Deaf Coalition”. There were lots of good feedback and suggestions over the name of the organization. 

The five areas discussed were:
1. To see that the new major organization is created with a goal to have one strong group of Deaf members and to show the government that there is a strong group. By having all Manitoba Deaf members from all organizations registered under the new group called “Manitoba Deaf Coalition” would prove to the provincial government that there are hundreds of Deaf members living in Manitoba.

2.  To see the goal of getting a Charitable Number for “Manitoba Deaf Coalition” from the government.  The new organization in turn can help other smaller Deaf organizations apply for assistance.  

3.  To see all existing Deaf organizations remain the same with their same Board of Directors.  There will be no change in the running of their organizations. 

4. To provide better communication between existing Deaf organizations, “Manitoba Deaf Coalition” will only handle the scheduling such as meetings or social events for all organizations.

5. To explain to Deaf Members about fee memberships.  Members are entitled to attend any meeting if they provide their names are on the “Manitoba Deaf Coalition” list.  Members will not be asked to pay a fee to Manitoba Deaf Coalition.  Members can attend their organization for the meeting.  

Please come to the meeting on Tuesday, February 16th at the Fiola Room at 7 pm. 

Kenneth R. Anderson