Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Winnipeg Deaf Dart Club Family Event (Aug 29th) -REMINDER

Hello everyone,

The Winnipeg Deaf Dart Club is having a family event on August 29th at the Turtle Tide Water Slide as you can see the attachment.

Please share among to your work placement (even at group homes or independent home or Care Providers/ Family home), church, daycare, Sport group such as Hockey team-mates or Football team-mates ( it's a great way for your kids to see their friends again before Football or Hockey game start), extended family and etc as it's for everyone!!!  We've reserved the Water slide just for us and it's not open to public.

There's a catch!!!  We need 300 tickets sold to remain open however we can have up to 1000 tickets sold.

We want you all to have the last summer fun before the long weekend and of course before kids goes back to school!

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask me and would be happy to arrange to meet you to give you the ticket(s).

Again, please see the attachment as the most information is on there and again any questions, just ask!

Come on out and have fun!!! Looking forward seeing you there!!