Monday, March 30, 2015

Update about Winter Deaflympic 2015- Monday, March 30th!

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Rita Bomak had made a video for you to know what is happening at Winter Deaflympic. She will keep us update everyday with the scores for Team Canada for some area of Sports.

See the link (or copy and paste) -

Here is the update score:


Men Curling:
10 am- Canada vs Switzerland:
Canada (10) vs Switzerland (2)
2 pm - Canada vs USA
Canada (7) vs USA (2)
Canada won two games and no losses.

Women Curling:
2 pm- Canada vs China
China (12) vs Canada (7)
Canada lost one game and no win.
Will play today's game against Russia.

Martin Z - 7th place
Darren C -9th place
** Rob N & Dustin N are injured so will play following week**

Ice Hockey:
Canada plays against USA.
Canada (4) vs USA (2)

Yahoo for Team Canada to win some games!!

Here is Press Release from Russian Committee of Deaf Sports. See below:

Here is 18th Winter Deaflympic 2015 newsletter on Friday, March 27th:

Sheila Montney
Executive Director
Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc