Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) Holiday Sale


Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) has launched
Communication Devices Holiday Sale

For more information on the below holiday sale of Communication Device products, you can go to https://www.chs.ca/holiday-gift-guide-2 (if unable to click on link, copy and paste onto your browser)

Clarity Alertmaster AL10K
Sonic Alert Doorbell Signaler
Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm
Clarity 40dB Cordless Phone w/Caller ID
TV Ears 5.0 Infrared TV Listening System
Serene FM Wireless Soundbox
Clarity Wake Assure Alarm Clock
Sonic Boom Travel Alarm Clock
Serene 55dB Corded Phone
Clarity Amplified Cordless Bluetooth Phone
Clearsounds 55dB Cordless

Sale ends January 31st, 2015