Monday, August 25, 2014

Need home for 11 years old Mickie the cat

I am looking for home for my cat, Mickie - female age 11 born May 2003 I've been on hospital for 3 months now in hsc rehab I have to move out of my place and find suitable home got me without stairs. My left leg/foot is weak as had major spine surgery that cause my left left weak I'm using walker and wheelchair to get around

For those I interested my cat I will give away with all her stuff, bowls toys cat scratch pole and many more. I will appreciate if someone will give her comfortable home. I feel it's not fair to her not been home for 3 months so it's time. Mickie don't like kids, never been with other pets. Prefer female owner and she's not outdoor cat.

I can be reach by test msg at 204-471-0053

Cynthia Duboff