Monday, June 2, 2014

Special message from Manitoba Deaf Assocition (MDA) newly-President!

Manitoba Deaf Association

Message from Manitoba Deaf Association (MDA) newly-President:

The new elected 2014-15 Board of Directors, which was elected last April 26, 2014:

President: Kenneth R. Anderson
Vice-President: Gunars Butkans
Secretary: Cynthia Duboff
Treasurer: Douglas Momotiuk
Youth Director: Jordan Sangalang

Congratulations on these elected Board and surely they will try their best to improve the future of MDA.

International World of Deaf (IWD):

The Board is in need to have a chairperson in charge of IWD (International World of Deaf) to establish the events during the week of September 21 to 27, 2014.  It is similar to Deaf Awareness Week, which is no longer existed.

Upcoming events:

Thanks to all those who already filled up and interested to sit on the standing committee called “Manitoba Education” and will start their first inaugural meeting this coming Wednesday, May 7.

The Board will have their first MDA meeting as to review from last year activities and to discuss about the future budget on May 21th.

I would appreciate if anyone who wants to help with or feedback on MDA issue in any way, please feel free to email to Kenneth Anderson,   


President: Kenneth Anderson
Vice-President: Gunars Butkans
Secretary: Cynthia Duboff
Treasurer: Douglas Momotiuk

Delegate to CAD: Kenneth Anderson
Representatives to MTS Special Needs – Dennis Zimmer
Representatives to Minister Advisory Board (Deaf Education): Bruce Koskie, Doug Momotiuk, and Rick Zimmer
Representative to ECCOE: Sheila Montney
Representative to Manitoba Accessibility Advisory Council: Doug MomotIuk
Representative to AEIP/DLP/DSP: Bruce Koskie, Sylvia Sigurdson
Representative to MLPD: Doug Momotiuk, Cynthia Duboff
Representative to Women’s International: Sheila Montney
Representative to Video Captioning: Gunars Butkans
Sign Talk Branch – Prairie Children Centre: Sheila Montney


Charitable & By-laws: Doug Momotiuk, Gunars Butkans, and Kenneth Anderson
Deaf History & Museum: Bruce Koskie, Kenneth Anderson, David Burke, Jon Miller
Deaf Mosaic/Mental Health: Bruce Koskie, Rita Bomak, and Sandy Lysachok
285 Pembina Inc. Working Group: Gunars Butkans, Kenneth Anderson, and Sandy Smith
VRS Manitoba: Sheila Montney & Kenneth Dans (co-chairperson), Kevin Bauldic, Devin Stocki, Patricia Amaro, Kimberly Drummond and Dennis Zimmer.
Deaf Youth Camp: Rita Bomak, Bruce Koskie

A big congratulation on those above volunteers to give their time to help and work for Manitoba Deaf Association