Monday, June 23, 2014

Deaf PiYO Workout Team

Deaf PiYO workout team with Canada's first Deaf DIAMOND coach.

Love yoga? Great! Love pilates? Awesome. Love cardio workouts? Perfect!

PiYO combines all strength, flexibility and cardio altogether in one workout package! I know a lot of people love yoga, or pilates, or cardio but a lot of workout packages focuses on one or the other, but this combines all for the first time!

It's awesome because it requires no equipment. No weights, no machines. All you need is a space at your home and TV with DVD, and that's it. It has no high impact exercises so it is great. It includes information on how to eat properly, what to eat, fitness guide, etc.

I am forming a private accountability PiYO GROUP, for all PiYO challengers that want to get fit, lose weight, and get strong and flexible. What's awesome about a private support group is that we all support each other, encourage each other to MAKE sure we all stay on track and succeed. I already have a T25 support group that's already going and we're all succeeding BIG TIME. They lost a lot of weight. So now, this time the PiYO group will succeed too!

The DeafFit PiYO support group will start Monday, June 30th! There is enough time to order it and get it ready!  It's never too late.

It is now available! I'm accepting up to 25 people in my support group, so I can spend more time on personal one on one support along with the support group supporting each other! But if there is a lot more wanting to join in, I will create more groups because you deserve to achieve your fitness goals!  

Contact me if you want to be a part of the PiYO support group. If you know of any friends that would like to work out from home and be a part of a support accountability group, share this with them! Because we from DeafFit believe that everyone deserves to achieve their fitness goals! I succeeded myself, the Deaf T25 support group succeeded, so this group with you will!

To see what PiYO looks like, you can see a video here at

Contact me at or email me at and sign up to have me as your FREE coach at You deserve it!