Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Public Advisory from Winnipeg Police Service- Frauds/Scams

As previously released on March 6, 2014, the Winnipeg Police Service has received several reports over the past month of phone calls being made by persons claiming to be a police officer or a government official.  The caller demands the victim to pay money to prevent them or a family member from being arrested.  The WPS advises that these calls are NOT legitimate and would like your assistance in identifying the persons making these phone calls.

In addition to these scams, the Commercial Crime Unit has seen an increase in the number of reports of the “Emergency or Grandparent Scam”, averaging 1- 2 reports per day.  To date, investigators are aware of 35 victims, with estimated losses between $2500- $7000 per incident, and total losses for all victims at just over $118,000.  

The basic scam involves the suspect(s) calling an elderly victim, claiming to be his or her grandchild or family member.  The suspect(s) claim that they are in jail, the hospital, or have some other critical emergency, such as a car break down, and need money wired to his or her location.  In almost all cases, the victim is encouraged not to say anything to anyone and to keep it a secret.

The Commercial Crime Unit encourages all care providers, children and grandchildren to discuss this scam with their elderly family members or those individuals who they feel may be susceptible to these pressure tactics.

If you receive such a call, always check with another relative before wiring money.

If you do receive such a phone call, please make note of the incoming phone number and details of the conversation.  At the conclusion of the call activate the call trace feature on your land line (*57) and then contact police at 204-986-6222.

For further information on this scam please visit Phone busters at: