Thursday, January 16, 2014

Postponed for Cycling Strategy Open Houses


The Walk/Bike Open Houses are postponed for now.  We will provide an update when possible.
We are currently continuing to work on developing this comprehensive draft plan, including an implementation plan.   At this point, previously scheduled Public Open House dates have been delayed, as we would like to ensure that what we present to the public is comprehensive and complete prior to moving forward with the next round of public engagement.  We will advise the public 4-6 prior to any Public Open Houses(s) to ensure you have adequate time to share the dates within your respective networks.

Thanks for your interest in this study!


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Pedestrian and Cycling Strategy Open Houses

The City of Winnipeg is continuing to develop Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies.  There has been great progress to date with a comprehensive public engagement process that has demonstrated a need for these Strategies to enhance walking and cycling as safe, viable and attractive transportation choices.

With the completion of a city-wide telephone survey and a voluntary online survey, the City has received valuable input from over 2,200 Winnipeggers to help identify the walking and cycling needs and wants for citizens.  A targeted stakeholder workshop was also completed, with representation from the education, tourism, development, health, environment, accessibility, and business communities, as well as inner city and suburban organizations, and new Canadians.

Improving sidewalks and connections for pedestrians and developing a sustainable and well-connected bicycle network are at the top of the average citizen’s priorities for Active Transportation, is what has been learned through the public engagement process.  The next step is to present the draft recommendations that will shape the future of walking and cycling in Winnipeg for years to come.

So far, two open houses have been scheduled (a third may be added for Northwest Winnipeg):

February 1st, 2014
10:30am - 2:30pm
Qualico Family Centre - Assiniboine Park
330 Assiniboine Park Drive

February 4th, 2014
Manitoba Hydro Building Lobby
360 Portage Avenue

Note that there is a slight chance that the date, time, or location of these meetings will change. Please check with Bike Winnipeg's
Events Calendar for up to date information.

Winter Bike to Work Day

Winnipeg is fortunate to have four seasons, and biking can be fun in each and every one of them. Winter Bike to Work Day celebrates winter cycling in Winnipeg and around the world. For more information, or to register, visit the official Winter Bike to Work Day website, or their Facebook page.

Mark Cohoe
Executive Director
Bike Winnipeg