Friday, December 6, 2013

Twitter survey provided by BCVRS Communications

Hello Deaf community, 

Through the past number of months, there has been a new interest in using Twitter, but not a clear understanding about its purpose or how to use it to peoples' benefit. 

A group of Deaf people want to help provide accessible education for Deaf community members: including parents of Deaf children; CODAs; & ASL interpreters, about the use of Twitter. If there is enough interest, after the survey is complete, there are ideas and plans to provide workshop(s) as well as instructional videos in ASL on how to use Twitter. 

The group has created a survey so they could find out what people:

1) need to know about Twitter or
2) what they want to learn about Twitter

Questions are available in ASL by video inserts with each of the questions.  The last question is not in ASL, but please answer do  it. We need to find out if you want to get information from these organizations or associations. 

Here is the link to the Twitter survey:

Please participate in the survey before the deadline:  January 30, 2014. Thank you.

A side note, two more versions of the survey will be available ASAP - one with a Deaf-Blind friendly background for Deaf-Blind people to participate in the questions. The second one is going to be a subtitled one for Hearing & Hard of hearing people to follow the ASL questions. These take time to edit. One at a time they will be available. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Feedback about the survey is welcome, as it is a new experience for this group of Deaf people. My e-mail contact is: 

Much appreciated, 
~ Lisa

Lisa Anderson-Kellett Communications