Friday, December 20, 2013

Manitoba Deaf Blind Association (MDBA) Christmas Draw Winner List 2013

Manitoba Deaf-Blind Association                License # 4746

Christmas Draw held on Dec.13, 2013 at 8 p.m.

Basket # 1 won by Jeff----Ticket #061142
Business card book, beach bag, photo album, beach towel, EZ keyboard, 2 book marks, Morden’s peanut brittle and Star Christmas decoration.

Basket# 2 won by Elaine B. -----Ticket # 061160
Lettuce knife, Christmas Santa candy, roll up dart board, black travel bag, 3 pc. White towel set, and Morden’s peanut brittle.

Basket #3 won by Jeff-----Ticket# 061142
Red Kap baseball hat, TCI Product Tool Bag, Book Titled Invisible, Morden’s Jelly fruit, Chocolate Christmas Wreath candy,

Basket #4 won by Pam -----Ticket# 061159
Light up Christmas Figurine, book titled Invisible, business card book, Morden’s mixed nuts, 2 book marks, dolphin notebook, friendship pin, Santa chocolate candy,

Basket # 5 won by Gladys S. -----Ticket# 061162
Chocolate fondue set, Christmas wreath chocolate candy, dirt begone mop Morden’s chocolate covered peanuts, crochet apron, 2 knitted dishcloths, raincoat, Men’s black polo shirt

Basket # 6 won by Sabrina B. ----Ticket # 061149
Book titled A laugh a Day, pro star baseball hat, Men’s watch, Morden’s snowball candy, basketball, NASCAR car bag.

Basket #7 won by Alana W. ----- Ticket # 061141
Microwave egg cooker, Braille Salt and pepper shakers, 2 book marks, Morden’s chocolate covered peanuts, Christmas wreath, chocolate candy, corn on the cob holders, book titled Invisible, pour perfect bowls, and Deli Pro knife.

Basket# 8 won by John R. ----Ticket # 061175
Dear Friends cocoa mugs, Morden’s snow ball candy, USB cup warmer, blanket, and friendship pin.

Basket # 9 won by Dennis C.----Ticket # 061154
Glasses cleaner and cloth, scrapbook binder, puppy playing cards, Christmas wreath chocolate candy, pink candle in glass votive, gold butterfly bracelet, 2 book marks, 2 silver heart necklaces, silver earrings with necklace and 3 different pendants, friendship pin, heat pin, Morden’s chocolate and nuts, pink/purple scarf.

Basket # 10 won by Hazel M. ----Ticket # 061164
Pour perfect measuring cups, pour perfect bowls, lettuce knife, kitty notebook, 2 knitted dishcloths, Braille salt and pepper shakers, 2 book marks, Santa chocolate candy and
Recipe organizer.

Basket #11 won by Gayle N. ----Ticket # 061152
Dolphin summer purse, friendship pin, Santa decoration, Bethania cookbook, book titled A Laugh A Day, Mordens’ snowball candy, Scent Simmer pot and different scents, book titled Pocket Inspirations.

Basket # 12 won by Tania Mc. ----ticket # 061188
Case for IPad with keyboard, Asline travel mug, Display Protector, Kitty notebook, friendship pin, 2 book marks, Mordens’ assorted chocolate candy, lettuce, knife, book titled Invisible, University of Winnipeg T-shirt size large. 

50-50 money won by Alana. Green ticket # 965500

Door Prizes Winners: Hubert, Josie, Ann, Hazel,
Rod, Jane, Kevin, Sandra, Gordon, Sabrina and Dorine.

Thank you for supporting the Manitoba Deaf-Blind Association.