Friday, November 15, 2013

Message from Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc (DCM Inc)


I would like to inform you few things:

1. E-news - I will announce two different kinds for this system which are: 1) Breaking News and 2) Reminder about events.

2. Twitter- Some of you know that it is very popular social media so I have decided to set up for here. I have already set up twitter for Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc. It is "DCManitobaInc". I will tweet a reminder about some events:)

3. Deaf Manitoba website - I know that some of you have keep forgetting to check the website for everyday's news. Please check the website- There is one event that you might forgot to sign up for an important workshop that is called " Never Be the Same-Heart to Heart with Stephanie Staples" for November 22nd. More information about this workshop will be on the website.

Sheila Montney
Executive Director
Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc
Twitter: DCManitobaInc