Friday, October 18, 2013

Update information about CRTC Public Hearing on Oct 21-25th, 2013!

Hello everyone,

I have an update information for you all regarding Video Relay Services (VRS). Last May, we all were encouraged to sign up to let CRTC know that we want National VRS in Canada. CRTC has received all information from you- audio, video , written letters, etc. CRTC has heard your message.

Now CRTC will have public hearing next week from Octobber 21st-25th, 2013 in Gaitneau, Quebec. CRTC has invited some people to go there to give a presentation to explain why Deaf Canadians want VRS in Canada.

Here are the confirmed presenters:

Monday, 21 October 2013

1. The Canadian Hearing Society (20 minutes)
2. Toronto Association of the Deaf (20 minutes)
3. Ontario Video Relay Services Committee (20 minutes)
4. Ontario Association of the Deaf (20 minutes)
5. Alberta Association of the Deaf (20 minutes)
6. Centre québécois pour la déficience auditive (20 minutes)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

7. TELUS Communications Company (20 minutes)
8. Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival (15 minutes)
9. Cineall Production des sourds ( 15 minutes)
10. La Maison des Femmes Sourdes de Montréal et le Comité d'aide aux femmes Sourdes de Québec (15 minutes)
11. Sonny Access Consulting (15 minutes)
12. Rogers Communications, Cogeco Cable Inc., Quebecor Media Inc., on behalf of its affiliate Videotron G.P., and Bragg Communications Inc., carrying on business as Eastlink and Shaw Communications Inc. (20 minutes)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

13. Noni Warner (15 minutes)
14. Kathern Lawrence (15 minutes)
15. MTS Allstream (20 minutes)
16. Tatiana Kamaeva (15 minutes)
17. Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership, on behalf of itself and DMTS, KMTS, NorthernTel, Limited Partnership and Télébec, Limited Partnership, Bell Canada, Bell Mobility and Northwestel Inc. (20 minutes)
18. Saskatchewan Telecommunications (20 minutes)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

19. Sorenson Canada (20 minutes)
20. nWise (20 minutes)
21. UQAM and SIVET (20 minutes)
22. Communication Disabilities Access Canada (20 minutes)
23. British Columbia Video Relay Services Committee (20 minutes)

Friday, 25 October 2013

24. Canadian Association of the Deaf (20 minutes)
25. Wayne Sinclair (15 minutes)
26. Lesley McMillan (15 minutes)
27. Joe McLaughlin, ED.D (15 minutes)
28. Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (20 minutes)
29. Ava Hawkins (15 minutes)
30. Chris Kenopic (15 minutes)

Commissioners and Secretary General

Roles and responsibilities

The CRTC’s senior roles are Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson of Broadcasting and Vice-Chairperson of Telecommunications. These are full-time positions. With the new Lobbying Act, active from July 2, 2008, all of these senior positions are designated public office holders.
There can be up to 13 full-time Commissioners. All Commissioners are appointed by Cabinet. Commissioners’ responsibilities include:
  • establishing rules, policies and guidelines for licences
  • participating in public hearings and consultations
  • developing regulations and participation in issuing CRTC decisions
  • consulting with members of the broadcasting and telecommunications industries, the public and other interested parties
  • meeting with licensees, industry organizations or other interested parties (regional Commissioners in particular)
  • considering directions to the CRTC from the Governor-in-Council
The Secretary General supports the CRTC’s operational activities, for example, Human Resources and Finance. The Secretary General reports directly to the Chairman.

Commissioners and Secretary General

Photo: Jean-Pierre Blais
Jean-Pierre Blais
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Photo: Peter Menzies

Peter Menzies
Vice-Chairman, Telecommunications

Photo: Tom Pentefountas

Tom Pentefountas

Photo: Elizabeth A. Duncan

Elizabeth A. Duncan
Atlantic Region and Nunavut

Photo: Candice Molnar

Candice J. Molnar
Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Photo: Raj Shoan

Raj Shoan

Photo: Stephen B. Simpson

Stephen B. Simpson
British Columbia and Yukon

Photo: John Traversy

John Traversy
Secretary General

Quebec Region

Alberta and Northwest Territories

** Be advised that I received the word that five commissioner will be at CRTC public hearing during that week**

On Monday, October 21st, you can go to at 6 am PST, 9 am EST . Click English or French then click right button English/French for spoken voice audio streaming and ASL/LSQ for Signed streaming.

Please copy and paste those links to see some vlogs by BCVRS:

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