Thursday, October 24, 2013

Update about CRTC Public Hearing about "live feeding link"


Some of you have been asking me how to find live feeding from Oct 21st, Oct 22, and Oct 23rd from CRTC public hearing.

You can go to: There have some several dates if you missed the video feeding. You can click on it.

Now I would like to give u an update on few things:

Jodi Birley from British Columbia Video Relay Services (BVCRS) Committee is explaining about the encouragement about twitter. Please see: -  "NOW is the time to TWEET for #VRSinCanada!

Sarah Moreland from Ontario Video Relay Services (OVRS) Committee and Lisa Anderson-Kellet from BCVRS want to explain what is happening at CRTC Hearing: -  "CRTC VRS Hearing"

Now some of you are wondering if you can intervene and make comments, you can do that as it is not too late. CRTC website states (

Following the public hearing, parties may file brief final comments, by 15 November 2013, in reply to submissions presented at the public hearing on any matter within the scope of this proceeding. Final reply comments must be no longer than 20 pages, including an executive summary.

 Submissions must be filed by sending them to the Secretary General of the Commission using only one of the following means:
by mail to
CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2
by fax to
by ASL or LSQ video to
the Commission’s YouTube page

Procedures for video interventions
54. To permit interested persons whose first language is ASL or LSQ to fully participate in this proceeding, the Commission will accept video interventions in ASL and LSQ in response to this notice. The deadline for submitting video interventions is 17 May 2013. Video interventions are to follow the same procedures as written interventions, as set out in the previous sections of this notice, and indicate whether the person wishes to appear at the public hearing. The intervention must also indicate any requests for accommodation regarding such appearance at the public hearing.
55. All parties who filed video interventions may file video reply comments with the Commission by 26 August 2013. Reply comments must respond only to interventions and answers to Commission questions previously submitted by other participants. Parties may also submit final video reply comments by 15 November 2013.
56. The Commission will post English transcripts of ASL videos and French transcripts of LSQ videos on its website. Videos will be made public when the transcript becomes available. Interveners may choose to submit written transcripts with their videos to facilitate the process.

57. For videos longer than fifteen (15) minutes, a brief summary should be provided at the beginning of the video.

Sheila Montney
Executive Director
Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc